MMS Reading Challenge

A Reading Program designed to make a child more capable of reading efficiently and effectively. A program meant to give a child a  more developed sense of focus and a major improvement on his/her thinking process.

MMS Flashlight Drill

2 batteries, 1 switch. A quick fine motor eye-hand coordination activity built to promote curiosity and independence. A 4 year old can actually understand what batteries are for, it just takes the proper explanation and experience. 


Friendship is the binding proof that love exists anywhere. MMS promotes friendly camaraderie  between all its students. 

MMS Love for Siblings

As we aim to maintain love and peace between students, we also promote sibling love. We tend to build up our children, not only academically but more wholesomely.

Foundation Day 2019

All of us in the MMS Community are always hyped to celebrate our founding anniversary. We make sure that each year becomes memorable by trying out new things together.

MMS Dance Troupe

Being groovy is a piece of cake! Take it from these Montessorians.  

MMS Summer Camp

Learning in school can be done in any time of the year.